In Colorado, real estate agents can decide whether they want to be a REALTOR®.   Some think the dues are too high, some think they do not get anything for these dues and some only do a few deals a year, and do not see the benefit.


What is the difference between a REALTOR®. and a real estate agent?  


HomeownershipREALTORS® pay dues to a local, state and national association.    Some of these dollars go to lobbyists in Washington to protect homeowner rights --- so we can deduct the mortgage interest deduction and property taxes on our taxes.    Every year there is a bill to try to eliminate this important benefit of owning a home.   These dollars also support candidates who believe in proviate property rights and by lobbying elected officials to protect these rights.


REALTORS® voluntarily subscribe to a Code of Ethics that is founded on professional service and fair treatment.   


REALTORS® are offered continuing education through these associations giving us the most current marketing, business and legal information along with advanced training in a vareity of speciality areas, such as social media and demographic marketing, legal updates and contracts. 


REALTORS® have access to special comprehensive property information, resources and research results available only to them and which will help you make the best decisions about where to live and what to buy.


I proudly wear my REALTOR® pin!   Not every real estate agent is a