New Construction Homes


There are times where nothing but a brand new home will fit the needs, and there are still options. Some builders have spec homes built, and ready to move in. If you would like to start from dirt, this process will take anywhere from 5 months to 9 months to complete.  (builders are taking longer for homes to be built due to shortages of trades.)   By contracting at a dirt start, color choices will be available and options in the building process.


Many builders will not take a contingency, and an interim home will be needed for a short period of time.  Having representation with this process is important.  The sales representatives work for the seller, not the buyer.  They will be helpful, but still work for the seller.   Builders pay Buyer's Agents, so there is no money out of pocket needed to be properly represented.   IMPORTANT:   Many builders are now requiring the agent to attend the first visit with the Buyer, or they will not allow the agent to represent the Buyer!


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