You have decided you want to move, and need to put your home on the market.   Where do you start?   First, be sure your home has great curb appeal, and you look like the best home on the block!    Check out some Seller tips I have put together.


Fertilize the grass, and keep it watered so it is green and weed-free.    If you have bark or rocks, be sure it is weed-free.    Pots of colorful flowers are always a nice addition on the front porch.  Be sure the bushes are trimmed, and trees are looking good.  


Most people do not use their front door, so do not realize the light fixture has cob webs and dirt, as well as the front door.     If needed, put a fresh coat of paint on the front door.   Is the hardware looking weathered?    New hardware can really spruce up the front door.    As the REALTOR is opening the lock box, the buyers are looking around, so be sure it is all clean.    If you have a front porch area, have a nice two seat set up.    


Does your home need some paint?   Maybe only some touch-ups?    The trim around the windows usually need paint before the flat parts.    Do the screens look OK, or has hail damaged some of them?   These should be repaired/replaced too.   


How does the fence look?   Could it use a coat of stain or finish?     This adds to the appeal if the fence is in good condition.   


The best you can make your exterior, buyers will think the home inside will look the same.  


If you have more questions about how to get started when you have made the decision of listing your home, give me a call.