In today's real estate environment in Denver, as a Buyer, you do not pay the Buyer's Agent, the Seller does.   Even when you decide on new construction.   It won't cost you less if you do not have representation, and ESPECIALLY with new construction, you need someone in your corner.

I cannot tell you how many transactions I have represented a buyer with new construction, and had to go an extra couple of miles to protect my Buyer's best interest!   One transaction I remember we had the VP of sale at our closing, and the buyer got more money off what he needed to bring to closing, since what he initially contracted for still was not correct at closing!   

As a member of the public, one voice, you don't have the projection we do as a REALTOR community.   Word spreads fast with bad news, and when builders get a tarnished reputation, it takes a while before they bounce back.   Sometimes they don't and go out of business.

It has been a few years now since I have had a sign call off one of my listings from a buyer thinking they could GET A DEAL if they went through the listing agent.    I never could understand that, they were not given advocacy, and did not get a deal either.   I still had to do both sides, so why would I discount?


Don't cut yourself short - when you are ready to make the LARGEST PURCHASE of your life, why scrimp and not be protected by a REALTOR with experience?    Call me, I will have your back!