Not sure what all the noise is about mail-in ballots, we have used them for years without issues (that I know of).    We can mail them (up to one week prior to the election), drop them off in the ballot receptacles all over Colorado, or go to the poll and physically vote.


This year the State of Colorado has a nifty tool to MAKE SURE your vote was counted.   They have said if your signature has changed too much, it won't be counted, and they would reach back out to you to have you come in.   BUT, if you sign up for the Ballot Trax, you will be notified when your ballot was counted.


Anywhere in the State of Colorado you live, you can check for your status -


I looked back on my history, and shows back to 2014 when the ballot was mailed to me, and what date I voted.   Technology at it's finest!