When homeowners are ready to list and sell their property, they ask a lot of questions.   One is usually how much do I need to clean?   Well - EVERYTHING, and thoroughly!  Inside and Outdoors!   You want the home to SMELL clean, and no fake smells such as candles or air fresheners!

~ White vinegar can be used for so many things and a good cotton cloth!   You can clean mirrors, windows, faucets, sinks, and porcelain fixtures.

~ Fill the nail holes, patch the hole, and hopefully you have the same paint on hand.

~ Clean your windows - nothing like crisp and clean windows.    Do not use dryer fabric softener sheets on your cleaning rags, they leave a film on the glass.

~ Use a lint roller on the curtains and drapes, and the backs of chairs, sofas, and lampshades.

~ Clean sinks, bathtubs, countertops, windows, and baseboards with either Dawn and water or Mr. Clean wipes.   For jetted tubs, use a dishwasher pod, fill the tub and run the jets for a few minutes, it will sparkle.

~ Old English or Liquid Gold brings wood railings back to life and makes them look like new.


With a clean and ready-to-move-in home, you will have more buyers make top dollar offers and often quicker when the home shows well.    I always say --- you can't be too clean!