Q & A - Do all of my kitchen appliances have to be the same brand?   I know they should all be the same exterior - whether it is stainless steel, black or white.    I need to replace my dishwasher as it does a very poor job of cleaning.    Think I will go with a different brand, but wonder how Buyers will view it if I should sell down the road.


I do believe Buyers do look at the brands, wondering if they will need to buy appliances to match once they move in, especially if the appliances are low-end models.    We have seen many high-end homes sporting different brands, but all of them are the top models.



As long as they are all the same exterior, as you said, I think if you need to replace your dishwasher with one that actually cleans and does a good job, that won't be a deal breaker.   Unfortunately, not all the appliances under one name fit the bill for each family.    Maybe you like the refrigerator that tells you what you need at the grocery store, but like the gas stove from GE.     


In the end, buy for YOU, not for the resale, unless you are replacing the appliances because you are going to list your home.  In that case - buy all the same brands.