There are many times Buyers ask WHY they should have an inspection.    They have walked the home, and sure seems like the homeowner has done a great job in taking care of their home.   BUT, how do you know?   Whether you are a move-up buyer or a first timer, there can be issues found in a home.


Most homeowners do not have any inspections on their home, except having the furnace serviced and sprinklers blown out, and how do you know what is happening with the roof or in the attic?    Do you know if the electric panel has issues?


Buyers have the opportunity to follow an inspector around for the whole house inspection and identify health and safety issues along with homeowner maintenance items they will need to know once they close on the home.    The only caveat would be - buyers should not get on the roof.   The inspector's insurance protects them, but if the Buyer would fall off the roof, would be on the homeowner.   Usually inspectors take photos of the roof for the Buyer's benefit.   You want to know what the lifespan is for the furnace and water heater and the appliances included are in good working order.    Homeowners like to do things themselves, and believe it or not, they do not always know what they are doing! 


Inspections are done to protect the buyer from purchasing a home and finding out it is a MONEY PIT!   You want to know what the issues are.   In Colorado, Buyers can terminate a contract without any reason if issues are found that they cannot live with.    There are also items that should be done during this inspection period.    Are there any road improvements scheduled that would impact you?   Check out the crime and pedophiles in the area or is the home in a flight pattern.    


This past summer a young couple did an inspection on a GREAT LOOKING remodeled home,HOWEVER, the furnace was 30 years old, had serious structural issues, roofing issues, the sewer line needed replacing, radon was over 10 pCi/l and this home looked GREAT.     You do not want to get into a home that could be a MONEY PIT!  


  Do your home inspection and know what you are getting into!