Why I love Living in the Denver Metro Area


Some great reasons to live in the Denver metro area could be quite a long list!     Where do you begin?   Having lived here for over 50 years, I have seen the City grow immensely, and have seen lots of changes along the way.     Denver has long since been a destination state, and many take transfers to get here, or just move because they love it!     We saw a 10% increase in population from 2010 to 2014, and saw 102,000 come to Colorado in 2015.


1.   Economy

Denver's unemployment has been on the low side for a while now, and the current unemployment rate is 3.3% versus the national average of 4.9%.   We saw a 2.7% increase in employment in 2014.   The housing market (and rental market) is on fire, and we don't have enough housing for those moving to Denver.   This has been the scenario for a couple years now.    The average increase in home values for the Denver metro area has been averaging 9-10% the last couple of years.

2.  Great Weather

This year we have not had as much rain as last Spring and early summer, increasing the fire danger in the mountains.  We have seen many wildfires pop up. With 250+ days of sunshine, Coloradoans spend a lot of time outdoors biking, hiking, camping, golfing (sometimes year round), fishing, boating, and just plain playing outdoors.   Here is a link to the Denver golf courses. The humidity levels are usually 10-15%.    We definitely have four seasons, and sometimes all in one week.   Not unusual to see 60 or 70 degree days in December, or snow in May.    When you live in Colorado, you just get used to these roller coasters weather days!












3.   The Beauty of the Mountains

No matter how long you have lived in Denver, you never get tired of seeing the beauty of the Rocky Mountains.    When leaving my neighborhood and traveling West, I get the best view of the mountains, and sweet right after a snowfall and see the white caps.    Also, you always know what direction you are heading --- the mountains are in the West!   (as long as you can see them)



4.  Multi-cultural

No matter what part of town you live, you can enjoy multi-cultural food at restaurants and in the different grocery stores.    It is not difficult to find ingredients for different recipes no matter where the recipe is from!   In the Cherry Creek School District, they have over 40 different languages spoken by the students!   It was announced that Denver was #10 for the top City for Foodies!  

5.  Things to Do in Denver

There is always something going on here!    The National Western Stock Show is the biggest across the Country, the Koman Race for the Cure is the largest in the Country, free outdoor concerts, botanic gardens, the zoo, Denver Center for the Performing Arts Complex, museums and there is always a festival, or event scheduled most every weekend.     And what about those Broncos!  We were so proud of our local team sinning the Super Bowl.   Looking forward to this year's team since we no longer have our "sheriff - Peyton Manning".    There are also many sports teams in Denver to attend games, and only 30-60 minutes to get into the foothills and get out of town for the day!  












If you are thinking of buying a home in the Denver metro area, check out the Homes for sale in Denver, or give me a call and I can set up a specific home search just for you.