Right now in Denver over the last 7 days, we have seen 6% of the current active listings return to the market.    Good Question!


1.   Buyer never delivered earnest money.

2.   Buyer's earnest money check bounced.   (That is usually a sign the deal won't close!)

3.   Buyers got cold feet.

4.   Buyers found things on the inspection they could not live with.

5.   Buyers asked for repairs, and Seller denied.

6.   Buyer's financing had issues.

7.   Buyer had a contingency, and could not sell their primary home.

8.   Appraisal came in low, and parties could not come to an agreement.



This is why I always recommend to my buyers to write a backup offer, you never know when/if the first contract will go to closing!    If the listing agent does not enter into the broker's remarks why the transaction terminated, I always make a call, and then my client can decide if they want to move forward.


Sometimes being the "bridesmaid" with multiple offers can be a good thing!