Moving Day



Part of buying or selling a home involves moving, and if you are thinking of hiring a moving company, there are things you should check into prior to signing on the dotted line if you plan to get from House A to House B with all of your belongings!

  • Check HERE to see if the company has been blacklisted.
  • Check HERE to see if your moving company is Certified.
  • Check the BBB to see if they have a rating, or if there have been complaints filed against the company.    There are a few with A+ ratings.
  • Legitimate movers include a Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) registration number in their advertising and web site.
  • If the moving company is crossing State lines, they have to register with the Federal Motor Carriers Association and need a USDOT number.    Make sure the moving company has this!         


Now that you feel good about the validity of the moving company, be sure to get a solid estimate in writing.   This will prevent extra charges from surprises on the day of the move.   Read and understand the contract completely before you sign it.

Place the approximate value on your goods.   Most companies have several valuation options to cover your belongings.



Moving Day




Moving can be very stressful, take the stress out while organizing this move, and do your due diligence before it is too late!