Depending on what part of the Country, will depend on the location of the electrical panel.  Many times I have relocation families coming from the East, and they are ALWAYS shocked to see our electrical boxes are located on the outside of the home.  


About 90% of the electrical panels found in the Denver metro area are found on the outside of the home.    It is located behind the fence, and you can put a lock on the panel, but most do not.    Recently had an inspection where the tenant had put a padlock on the panel, and had to return to inspect on another day due to the inability to check it.


A few electrical panels are found in the garages or in the basement, but most are on the outside of the home.   Not sure the reason for this location, but it is quite common in Denver.    Buyers have made comments it is easy for anyone to shut off the service to the home, but have not heard of this happening.