Over the last couple of years, Denver has seen a frenzied market, with Sellers definitely "driving the bus".    The prices have skyrocketed, and buyers are still trying to secure their Dream Home.


Many of my buyers ask when it says AS-IS in the MLS, what does that mean for them?    USUALLY, that means the Seller will do NOTHING when it comes to repairs/replacements.    What you see, is what you get!    BUT, I have had buyers write a very good offer (over list price) and get some things done.    ALWAYS put a termination date for inspection, just in case you find items that need repair/replacement, and the Seller won't do it.   You can terminate if you can't live with this answer.


Many times this has everything to do with how the listing agent does business.   Sometimes it is a hard-headed Seller.     If a Buyer writes a good offer over list price and has an appraisal gap included with the offer, there could be a chance if it is important, you may get something fixed by the Seller or at least a credit towards closing costs.    It doesn't hurt to ask - they can't shoot you.   😀