You have made the decision to list your home, and the BIG question is - WHEN.     If you list in March through July, you will no doubt sell your home and see multiple offers.   The past few years, this is the time you will no doubt have your home shown by 20+ showings in a day or two, and have plenty of full price (and over list price) offers to review.  


Putting a home on the Market

BUT, when you have to buy a home, listing this time of year, or even after the Holidays are over, you will see many buyers, and you won't have such a tough time in locating your replacement home.    Even a few days before Thanksgiving, we are seeing overlapping showings, multiple offers and bidding wars with homes priced before $350,000.     This is the time of year our listing inventory decreases significantly, and you will have less homes to choose from.


Waiting until after the Holidays are over, you have time to put a fresh coat of paint on those walls/baseboards in the traffic areas, shampoo the carpet and de-clutter the home.     Listing in January, you have to remember the driveway and walkways need to be free of snow every day.   You don't want a potential buyer (or REALTOR) slip and fall on an icy driveway.  


In past years, listing a home right after the Holidays are over, the buyers are out and about and ready to make decisions even when there is snow on the ground.     Besides, in Colorado we can have snow days or we can have 60's and 70 degree days in January!