Buyers contemplating a move into the Denver metro area there are a few things buyers need to know about the Denver real estate market.   The market was a bit frenzied for a while, but with the interest rate increases, it has stabilized.  Here are some tips to make your trip easier to secure a home while you are in Denver -


1.  Be SURE to talk with a lender and have a pre-approval letter prior to your trip.   It is best to use a local lender, as they know what is required for the State of Colorado.

2.  I will have an MLS drip with all active listings sent to you and have it updated within a few days of your arrival.    With the inventory increasing, you have more to look at than you did a year ago.    The day before arrival, I will have the list of homes ready to view.

3.   Be sure to drink at least 32 ounces of water prior to arriving in Denver.   We are a MILE HIGH, and without drinking enough water, you may experience altitude sickness.   Keep drinking water throughout the trip also.

4.   If you have specific school districts or be located close to a certain church, be sure I know this!    Need to be within 30-45 minutes of work?   This information helps with locating the area we should be looking for.

5.   Listings come on the market more frequently on Thursday & Friday and seeing homes on the market longer than the first weekend.    Be sure to allow enough time over a weekend to view homes on your trip.

6.   If there is enough time, I love to have the inspection done while you are in town, so you can see first-hand what issues may arise.     If you cannot, I have several inspectors that photograph much of the inspection and have a full report digitally.


It takes about 30 days to close on a home when using financing, and if you cannot be in town for the closing, the title company can do a mail-out.     Your funds can be in the form of a cashier's check made payable to the title company or a wire will be acceptable.   

Here is the latest information for the housing market in Denver for September 2022 -



There are many other items involved with a relocating buyer, and I was highlighting the important tips before you arrive in Denver to make your relocation as smooth as possible!     If you need more information - check out my web site, or call me.  720-231-6373