Johnson Lake, Littleton, CO

There is a lot to consider when a Buyer is looking for a new home.   How does the home fit your specific needs with layout and rooms.    But there are other factors some Buyers feel must have weight in this huge decision as well.


~ Walk-able to coffee shops, grocery stores

~ Close proximity to a dog park

~ Walk-able to schools for the kids (and how are the ratings)

~ Close proximity to a lake for walking

~ Close to a highway for ease to get out of town to ski, camp or hike in the mountains


I am seeing some Buyers opting for smaller yards for less maintenance for parks close by to walk the dog or play with the kids.    In some cities the water bills can be a factor to keep yards nice and green.


Walking near a home

Inventory is still pretty low, but there are usually homes that fit a Buyer's specific requirements if you keep a good eye out.     In our MLS we can put these requirements in a search so Buyers see only the homes that truly work.   Let me know if you would like me to set something up for you! 


There are many neighborhoods in and around the Denver metro area that will give Buyers the option to walk to a park or a lake, be close to coffee shops and other amenities.      There are neighborhoods with smaller yards so homeowners do not need to spend a whole weekend working on the yard.


It is all about what the Buyer requires in their home search.