Should I paint and replace the carpet or sell the home like it is?     Many Sellers ask these questions, and always recommend getting this done prior to listing.   These two items make such an impression when buyers walk in the door.     It gives the home a "face-lift", and smells good.



Some other items that would make great impressions for buyers -

  • old bathtubs - reglazing
  • bathtub re-caulking
  • outdated lighting in the kitchen, baths, and hallways replaced
  • old wrought iron railings getting a new coat of paint
  • old appliances replaced


I showed a property yesterday that I am not sure I would have put on the market looking the way it did.   The whole home needed paint, the wood trim throughout the entire home needed TLC, and burgundy carpet and the whole house was dirty and smelled dirty.


After all, buyers will "guesstimate" way too high for what it would truly cost to do minor updating.    In fact, by doing a few things to update your home, you could see many more dollars in return at closing.    I have seen bathtubs that should be replaced, but a company could come out and re-glaze the tub to make it look brand new.   Is the caulking around the tub dark or ugly?    Replacing old and outdated lighting in the bathroom, kitchen, and hallways help also.


I have seen the "old wrought railings" from the 70's get spray painted a copper color and they look like they are from the new century!     Old appliances are wise to have replaced with new ones too.



Not all dollars spent on updating will be seen on the bottom line, but even though our market has done a small shift, homeowners would be much better off getting some of these items done BEFORE listing.    Most buyers I have worked with either want the home absolutely ready to move in, or they are looking for a fixer where they can do the repairs, but also want it for the best price.