Buyer asks - We got a home under contract, and wondering what type of inspections we need to do in Colorado.  



This is a GREAT question, of which many buyers ask!    In Colorado, there are NO required inspections needed, in fact there is no requirement to DO an inspection.  HOWEVER, I would ALWAYS recommend a home inspection on every listing, no matter the age of the home, even new construction!     On new construction I usually like to remind a new homeowner to get this inspection done at 11 months, so to have the list ready for the builder at the one year warranty walk through.


The inspector will check all the mechanicals (furnace, boiler or electric heat, water heater), kitchen appliances, visualize the structural integrity of the home, roof, plumbing and electrical (and the electric panel) and the exterior of the home.     There are additional inspections to consider - lead based paint (if home is older than 1978), sewer inspection, radon testing and mold testing if you see anything to alert you that mold could be present.   If there is a well, a perk & flow test should be done.  If there is a septic system - Tri-County needs to come out and inspect, and pump and sanitize the system.


In Colorado, buyers have the option to request items to be repaired or terminate the contract with no reason.    If the buyer asks for repairs, and seller does not want to do all of the requested repairs, buyer can terminate the contract, and receive their earnest money back.