What is included in a sale?    This is a question every time a Buyer walks a home, especially if it is one they love.    What about the appliances in the kitchen, do they stay?    How about the washer and dryer?


At the time a listing agent sits down with the Seller they should go through the entire home room by room and talk about things that will stay and what they plan to take with them after closing.    With today's big screen TVs that are attached, this is a big question.   If they want the TV, you have to have the conversation about the bracket and if they take both, make sure they fix the wall after removal.   


Custom Bathroom Mirrors

Some other items in the home that have become rather important are the mirrors in the bathrooms.    Many homeowners are replacing with custom mirrors and have intentions of taking them with after closing.  This all has to be listed in the MLS as an exclusion, as mirrors are pre-printed in the Contract to Buy & Sell as an inclusion.


The curtains, drapery rods or window coverings are also pre-printed in the Contract to Buy & Sell as included, so if a Seller has custom drapery that matches their bedding, etc. this needs to be listed as an exclusion so all parties have a clear picture.    Window CoveringsThis can be a nightmare at closing if the Seller had intentions of taking them after closing, and the Buyer thought they were included.    This has happened to my buyers at closing, and the Listing Agent ended up paying for new drapes and rods out of his commission check.


Some other items that we don't normally think of, is how about a special chandelier in the dining room?    I have had Sellers let me know this was a family heirloom, and had every intention of removing and replacing with the one that was originally in the home when they bought the home.   If there is shelving in the garage, and is "attached to the wall", it is usually assumed that it will remain with the home.   Wine chillers are another item that needs to be addressed, as it could go either way.  Wine Chillers


In Denver we use the analogy of "if you need a tool to remove, it is a fixture and will remain in the home, unless it is excluded."     If a decorative mirror on the wall is on a hook or nail, it is personal property, same with small decorative shelving.  



This is the reason a Listing Agent should walk the entire home, and identify with the Seller while preparing the listing agreement for the items the Seller wants to retain, so there is no conflict.    Being as clear as possible will ensure a smooth transaction, especially at closing after the Buyer has done their walk through, and all parties are happy and smiling at the closing table!