Buyers looking for a new home are looking for a safe environment.   Buyers are encouraged to consider these items to assist them in making a good decision.


As REALTORS, we are not allowed to discuss this topic, but there are many sights online with crime stats, as well as calling the local police to understand what has happened around the home they are considering.    Buyers can also check these sights for pedophiles (Megan's Law) in the area.


What are you looking for in a neighborhood as far as amenities?   Would you like a pool, tennis court, playgrounds, common area, etc.?    These items are searchable fields and can locate neighborhoods with these features.    It is good to drive by these amenities and check the condition and ensure they are being maintained.


Do you prefer to have a short commute to work, or do you work from home now?   How about how far away are the grocery stores, retail shops or dining options?   How about the amount of traffic, or living near a busy street.

The Neighborhood Itself

If you are considering one or two neighborhoods, it is wise to drive through the neighborhood at night to see if it is quiet at night, or if are there partiers living close?  This will give you a good feel for what it may be like when you are home relaxing in the evenings.   How many cars park on the street?   Are there barking dogs?   These items are important to consider, as you cannot change your neighbors.   If you drive through on a Saturday morning and see neighbors out working in their yards, or people walking their dogs and taking kids for a walk, gives you a feeling they are comfortable.

The Yards

Check out the neighbors and see how they are keeping their yards.    Are there well-manicured lawns?    Or are they in disarray?    Covenant communities send letters and assess fines when lawns are not kept up.    


Even if children are not in your future or are not planning for some time, the schools that the neighborhood is worth considering, as they usually impact home values.   Take a look at the school district's website, chat with friends in the area, and research to see if the schools have a good reputation.


These are a few items to consider when looking into different neighborhoods, and with slim inventory, there may not be any homes available in the specific neighborhood you prefer.    A home is an investment, and you will want to do your due diligence in making sure you will be comfortable there.     For more information, give me a call -  Joan Cox - 720-231-6373