Inspection Issues

Inspection issues are found from minor items to major components of a home, and some items to repair take time, some take good weather.    This past few months, Denver has had a winter like no other for a few years, and actually had lots of snow.  This makes it difficult to get roofs and/or exterior items repaired in a timely manner.


If a roof is scheduled to be completely taken off and a new roof installed, it takes good weather for at least two days.  And, when we see days on end with snow or very cold weather, not allowing the snow to melt, roofing companies get delayed with their contract work.


If there are repairs that will not be completed prior to closing, title companies will require one and a half times the bid to be held in escrow until the paid work order can be produced.    At closing 1.5 times the bid will be held from proceeds, and once that paid receipt is presented, the bill will be paid, and the extra .5 will be refunded back to the Seller.   This is to ensure the work that is done is completely paid for, and no liens will be created.  Title ensures that the home is transferred free and clear of liens.


If you have a new roof installed, be sure to have the roofing company transfer the warranty within 30 days of the closing into the buyers' names.