Many Buyers are looking for land lately, and have had lots of calls for either a home on acreage, or maybe a good lot, and the Buyers can build "down the road".


On occasion you will see lots available, but says it is non-buildable at this time, and not sure when it will be.     Some of the lots in Larkspur for sale are on "streets" that are dirt, and not built out yet.   The City has to have the streets in so the fire trucks or emergency vehicles can get in and out of the area.   When the infrastructure is complete, then those lots can be built on.



Most lots do not have well/septic or even public water and sewer done.    When you buy a lot, you need to figure those fees into your budget.   Also, there will be a small water tap fee.    If thinking of building, this process has experienced a good-sized increase in pricing.   Lumber and other building supplies have really increased over the last few years.


Wondering how much an acre (or more) will cost you?

Vacant land for sale in Arapahoe County CO

Vacant land for sale in Douglas County CO


Sometimes looking at a resale and identifying what areas of the home needs updating may be less expensive than building a home from ground up.


Let me know if you have any questions on acreage.   720-231-6373