When buyers start their search, oftentimes they have a neighborhood or at least a zip code in mind.   I have had Buyers look specifically in one neighborhood, but once they venture out a bit, they find the perfect home.   Some items Buyers consider  - 




~ proximity to outdoor activities

~ age of homes

~ amenities in the neighborhood (Pool, tennis courts)

~ proximity to shopping or dining

~ proximity to entertainment

~ schools

~ what the neighboring homes look like 

~ number of cars on the street in the area

~ is there an HOA, are they restrictive

~ does it have easy access to highways

~ distance from work (not as important now with many working from home)


Driving through a neighborhood on a Friday or Saturday evening gives a Buyer a good idea of what to expect from a neighborhood (and the neighbors).    Are there party animals living nearby?  There are a few things to think about when choosing a neighborhood!