There is a rate on Tiny Houses right now with HGTV running their show, and in Denver, we just had the Tiny House Festival in Northfield (Denver) this past week.


A few things you need to know about these Tiny Houses!    There are built in about 45 days and with some of the builders you can get your requests in for colors and upgrades, some build as they have planned.    The BIG NEWS you should know - these are NOT built by building standards.   There are NO regulations for them.   These are considered "mobile homes", like an RV and do not have to abide by the regulations Builders do.


Financing for these Tiny Homes can also be a challenge.   They are like buying a mobile home or an RV, and can only get certain financing.   


I have seen a HUGE increase on my web site for people looking for land.    If you buy a Tiny House, and plan to buy a piece of land, PLEASE check the HOA rules and regulations to be sure you can put a Tiny Home on them!  Some say no modular homes!    Also, some of these tiny homes had "compost toilets" like you see in RVs, and some have "residential toilets", and you should know the difference when you are thinking of the final destination for these tiny homes.


You can move these homes with a large pickup, but check with the car dealership to be sure the vehicle can haul the amount of weight in the tiny house.    Some are built with frame, some have metal framing (which is lighter).


There were builders from Littleton, Denver and Fort Collins in attendence today.  Just a little more information, if you are contemplating a Tiny House!