Can you walk into a new development and buy a home, of course.    Will it be an easy way to buy a home?    May or may not be, read on!

The sales representative will be very helpful in answering all of your questions and concerns - but they work for the BUILDER!    Who is protecting your best interests?


~ Buying a brand new home is exciting.  The ability to choose your favorite floor plan, and personalize your interior decor by selecting the colors, options, and features that suit your needs and wants can be a satisfying experience that enhances your enjoyment of living in a beautiful new space you designed.

~Buying a home is a complex process and is probably the most expensive transaction an individual will ever make.   All home transactions have serious financial obligations that you'll be expected to fulfill per the terms of the contract or face financial implications if you don't.

~ Because you don't purchase a home very often, you won't have the experience to recognize nuances in a contract.  That's why it's a good idea to find a licensed real estate professional to help you navigate the complexities involved in the home buying process.

~ Your licensed real estate agent WORKS FOR YOU.  When you engage a licensed real estate agent, they have a fiduciary responsibility to work for you in your best interest.  They will use their expertise to help you comprehend the intricacies of your new home transaction.

~ Buying a new home requires planning ahead.  choosing to engage a licensed real estate professional before you start your new home search is one of the smartest choices you can make to protect yourself in a legally binding transaction.  A knowledgeable agent can recommend the best Builders and explain the steps you'll need to take to make a new home transaction easy and fun.

~ Your real estate agent can sell your current home.  If you own a home now, you may need to sell your current home to have the funds to purchase a new home.   The Builder may require this done within30-60 days of contracting so you are non-contingent.

~ Your real estate agent can guide you through the lending process.   Often times the Builder will offer incentives which may include closing costs paid but need to shop lenders to be sure you aren't paying a high-interest rate for the home for these closing costs.

~ Your real estate agent is a liaison between you and the Builder.   Because your agent works on your behalf, they will ensure that you and the Builder are following the terms of the contract.  If a situation comes up, your agent will work for you to attain a favorable solution.

~ Your real estate agent can recommend resources you might need during the new home transaction.   Home inspectors, structural engineers, handyman services, and other vendors will be helpful in your transaction.

~ Selecting options for your dream home can be fun.  when choosing options to enrich living in your new home, are you also thinking forward to the time when you may need or want to sell?   Your real estate professional uses their experience to advise you about options that you'll enjoy and make your home more appealing to buyers down the road.


Plan to be the smart homebuyer by hiring a licensed real estate professional to protect your interests when making a major purchase you only do a few times in your life.   You will be glad you did!