Those Leaves can be Useful



All around Denver, the trees are providing beautiful landscapes of orange, red and yellow. It is nice to have mature trees for shade but in the fall it can be a chore keeping those leaves cleaned up!


Piles of leaves

A great way to use these leaves is to breakdown or decompose organic materials and compost.    Here are some ideas to get started with your own compost pile ---

    1.   Use the grass clippings and yard waste and mix with "brown" materials like leaves and shredded paper to add carbon.    You need both, if you only have grass clipping, your pile will put off an odor.
    2.  Do not add meats or pet droppings, use only food scraps and yard waste.
    3.  It is preferred not to use waste with pesticides or herbicides.
    4.  Unless the weather is very warm, do not add weeds, as it may not kill the seeds of the weeds.
    5.  Turn the pile as often as possible, this speeds up the process.
    6.  During the summer, keep the pile damp, not wet.    Each time you add to the pile, be sure to add moisture.
    7.  Bugs and worms are good, no need to rid the pile of these.
    8.  Composting is best in the heat of the summer.




Check with your local regulations on requirements as there could be setback requirements.    Your pile should be located on a level part of your yard with good drainage and it is prefer to not have direct sunlight.   Be sure to place this pile away from any wood building or fencing, as it will cause decay of the wood.     This pile can be camouflaged by tall flowers or plants and even vines with a trellis.    Your compost pile should be no smaller than 3 x 3 and no larger than 5 x 5.      


Enjoy the changing season, and raking all those leaves.