I obtained my CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) designation around 19 years ago, and have completely enjoyed working with Buyers coming into Denver, and also those Sellers that SADLY are transferring out of Denver.     Each year I am blessed to have a few!


Over the years, I have done outdoorsy videos of attractions that the residents seem to enjoy, and have had Buyers contact me and want to live near those attractions.  A big one is Aurora Reservoir, where you have lots of water activities, a sand beach, a picnic area, but also 8 miles of trails to bike or run.    Denver is very outdoorsy, and lots to do with our many days of sunshine!  (sure looks like I need to update it now...)




Having a need to nurture, I love working with Relocation buyers from out of state, out of the country, or even out of the City.    Usually, a relocation buyer knows somewhat where they want to live within the City, or what they want nearby to get a good start.    Showing them around the area, what it has to offer as far as shopping, entertainment and schools is a must.   They need to know the "lay of the land" and the proximity to a neighborhood.    Maybe they want to be close to the foothills and have an easy drive for camping, skiing, hiking and fishing.   When they originally call, there are LOTS of questions to ask.


With my experience, I know what posts to write to attract out-of-state buyers, and when they hit my web site it tells me where they located my posts.    I have included not only interesting neighborhoods but anything nearby that would be of interest to buyers - like reservoirs, dog parks, race track, outdoor cafes, etc.    Even introducing some new businesses that may be of interest.



Because Relocation Buyers have a short period of time in town, you have to be quite organized and have everything set up and ready to go once they land in town.    Have a relocation packet ready including a map of the City.   I know, there is GPS, but sometimes a buyer likes to see the map and follow along when touring the city, so they KNOW where they are at.   I have delivered a fruit bowl to their room, so they have something to take with on our trip and have PLENTY of water in the car just to keep altitude sickness at bay.    I have a list of things in their packet that pertains JUST to Denver.    Not only the need to drink a lot of water, but what our current laws are for child seats, texting and driving and areas that do not allow turning right on a red light.   Also, explain the process of buying a home in Denver.    There are caveats here that don't apply elsewhere, and don't want any surprises along the process.  (inspection issues, appraisal and how it works, and funding)


I have a tab on my web site with information for buyers and always direct them to this tab when they are thinking of relocating to the Denver metro area.   




I currently have buyers from California and Texas who are either waiting for closing or still looking for their perfect home.