Location of the laundry room is usually important to a buyer.    There is so much to consider when you think of the laundry room.   Location, a separate room or a closet, side by side or stacked?


Location of the Laundry room

Many of the new homes have the laundry area on the upper floor.   It could be a dedicated room with a sink, folding area and cabinets, or could be a closet area in the hall.    I remember years ago, buyers were thrilled the laundry area was on the main floor, and even with a two story, it was better than in the basement.    The older homes you always found laundry facilities in the basement.   In a few homes, you will find homeowners have brought the washer/dryer to the main floor, especially in ranch homes so they are living all on one level.


Looking for a dedicated room with a sink, cabinets, a place to hang the clothes, and a folding table?   Maybe even room for the ironing board (if you use one)?     There are many laundry rooms out there that are pretty impressive.


Sometimes we will find the washer/dryer in the kitchen, which in today's times is not optimum.    Who wants to cook and have dirty laundry in the same room?     Sometimes there is no other place to relocate it.


What about only having the option of a stacked washer/dryer?    There are full sized stacked appliances, so truly you are not losing any size.    I know some of my buyers are not thrilled with this option, but again, there are full-sized machines.


Today there was a good article in Houzz talking about laundry room, and found it to be interesting.