When you are a homeowner, there are items you need to keep up with so the repairs don't cost you a fortune. There are items each season to do, and the following are the summertime maintenance items.

Depending on what part of the country you live, these home maintenance items will differ. Here is what homeowners around the Denver metro area should work on -

1. You should have already inspected your furnace and air conditioner condenser and cleaned them. This does help the system work more efficiently, therefore saving some utility dollars.

2. Clean your grill. With warm weather, many are grilling their dinners, and you want to have a clean environment for this. If you have a pressure washer, this way is best, but you and wipe and and scrub by hand also. Replace the pan for the dripping grease before it overflows.

3. Check your deck. Our constant sun, and snow tends to be harsh on wooden deck and surfaces. Do they need stain/paint, replacement of some boards? Is it all stable? I would recommend calling a professional to do this. You can be sure all fasteners are tight.

4. Pest Control. Bugs are running around everywhere, and are they getting into your home? There are pest control products you can purchase, but the pest control companies have product that will last 2-3 months even with wet weather. Seal up cracks, place glue trap boards where pests may be getting in, and spray pest deterrent.

5. Dust those areas you don't normally see. Have you looked at the top of your ceiling fan, or how about the vents near the ceiling? We tend not to notice these area, and are frequently neglected. Dust that builds up is bad for air quality. Take a peek at the cabinet tops too, while you have the ladder out.

6. Cleaning mattresses, pillows and rugs. When was the last time you cleaned your mattress and pillows? Sunlight kills dust mites, so pillows, rugs and mattresses can all be brought outside and placed in direct sunlight. Be mindful of the weather and pollen in the air. There are pillows you can machine-wash.

7. Trim hedges and get lawn into shape. Trim hedges, prune shrubs and flowers, this keeps them from growing out of control. They will grow thicker, rather than tall/thin ones and produce more flowers and fruit. Herbs growing in gardens repel pests.

Hope this helps!