There are items you should be maintaining every season to ensure you don't end up with a giant bill for repairs.   Once all this snow melts, here is a list for the Spring Maintenance a homeowner should review -



1.  Be sure to check your gutters and drains to be sure they are not filled with leaves.   Sometimes birds build nests in the gutters too, remove them also.   Check for cracks and/or connections.  The drains need to deliver the water at least 5 feet from the foundation.

2.  Clean out the window wells of fall leaves, as bugs like to nest in these.

3.  Uncover the AC condenser, and/or the evaporative cooler and get cleaned up for the warmer months.  Change the furnace filter.

4.  If you have broken seals in the windows, it is nicer to have them replaced when the weather is warmer.

5.  Check for negative draining around the outside of the home, you don’t want water pooling around the foundation!  Check the trees and bushes and be sure they are not touching the house.

6.  Check the caulking around the windows and doors as it may have cracked and/or separated over the winter.

7.  If you have a wood deck, check the stain and see if you need to reseal it.   It needs a good coating to maintain a good deck (or any wood surfaces).

8.  Springtime in Denver is notorious for hail storms.    Unless you KNOW you have an abundant amount of damage, after July is safer to call and have the roof inspected.   I always call Roof Brokers, as they will come out for free.  If they find damage, then you can call you insurance company to come out and inspect.   If you call them first, this could be recorded as a claim.

9.  How is the exterior paint?    Paint in Denver USUALLY will last 5-7 years depending on weather.   If you have chipped or peeling paint, always best to get that painted.

10.  In Denver, you don’t want to turn on the sprinklers until AT LEAST Mother’s Day (and sometimes even later).   Have had many clients turn theirs on early, and had to replace piping and valves.   This is also the first time you should plant garden plants.  Some plants are good to plant early, check with the nursery for those, but never tomatoes, peppers or some flowers.

11.  Are your screens (windows & doors) in good condition?  If you have holes in them, time to replace.   This time of year is nice to open windows, and you don’t want bugs/mosquitos in the house.  There are screen kits at the home improvement stores, and fairly easy to replace.

12.  When daylight savings time comes around it is time to change the batteries in the smoke alarms and the CO detectors to ensure you are not woken by the chirping.   BTW, there is now a smoke alarm that comes with a battery that lasts TEN years.   These need to be changed out every ten years (once they start yellowing).

13.  If you have a sump pit, check to be sure there is not more than 6" of standing water.   If there is, you should have a pump installed.  If you have a pump, and more than 6" of water is sitting, check the pump to ensure it is still working.


This is quite a list, so maybe over a few weekends these items can get accomplished, but will keep your home maintained!    Enjoy your Spring!