Selling your Denver home

This year has been tough on those homeowners having a desire to move, but know they need to find a replacement home, and being contingent on the sale of their primary home.   This very fact has kept our Denver metro area inventory very low throughout the early Spring and Summer.   We are just now seeing the inventory levels increase and finally not seeing the 20+ multiple offers on a property.


I have reached out to those homeowners that have expressed an interest in selling, but will be contingent on finding a replacement property.   Some homeowners are OK with moving twice, or doing a rent-back and knowing they will find a property, some are not.    It is important to sit down with these potential Sellers and have this conversation!


Putting into broker remarks that the home is contingent upon the Seller finding the replacement property has worked out over the last couple of years when homeowners do not have a "Plan B" for a roof over their heads.  In this business, being homeless is not an option!  After a Seller signs a contract accepting a Buyer's offer, they will be moving - no further conversation.    It is still real estate, and anything can happen, but for the most part, we find that replacement property and work towards closing!


Be sure you are qualified to buy the replacement property, know when you release the contingency, there is no turning back.    You are committed to the replacement property no matter what comes up in the inspection.    (It is a good idea to SERIOUSLY look at the home's condition before writing on that replacement home.)      


Coordinating the closings is very important, but can be done!    We do this on a regular basis, and only on occasion are there problems with this scenario.   It gets a bit more complicated when there are multiple transactions, and could be a domino affect.


If you are thinking of selling, and need an experienced REALTOR?, give me a call.   720-231-6373