A relocation family came into town and had a desire for acreage, yet close enough to their daughter and grand baby.   Inventory on acreage was rather slim pickings, so there were not many to look at the week they were looking at homes.   After viewing a few in Eagle Shadow, they liked the looks of the neighborhood, as it was clean and well maintained.  The homeowners take great pride in their properties.


There were a few for sale in Eagle Shadow, so we viewed them all, and found one  that seemed to check all their boxes.  That afternoon they wrote an offer, and was quickly accepted.   This couple wasn't in town for long, so they drove back home, and I scheduled the inspections for that Friday.   The lot lines were not prevalent, so called for the surveyor to come out to stake the property.    


The homeowners take great pride in their property, and were only a few minor issues found, and were all repaired.  


The Homeowners were relocating to an areas within a few minutes of where the buyers were relocating from.  Now, that doesn't happen often!    Once the Sellers found a replacement home, we could schedule closing.    These type transactions are the ones we pray for - smooth from start to finish!   It was wonderful working with the listing agent, a veteran in the business, and very professional!  


Congratulations to my Buyers, and you have a beautiful home now in Eagle Shadow - Brighton, CO.    Enjoy many new memories with your daughter and her family, and hope to pop in and see what you have done with your house to make it YOUR HOME!



If you have thought about buying a home on acreage, let me know, we have several all over the metro area.