In this crazy market in Denver right now, Buyers are trying many different avenues in order to "win the bid".   We are also seeing many homes going on the market that would linger on the market during a Buyer's market.    Maybe they have not taken care of the deferred maintenance on their home?   


With short showing times before you submit an offer, did you see all the issues?   Probably not!   Then, in order to "win the bid" you offered a significant amount over the list price which is also over the "fair market value".   


Then the inspection is completed, and you find items that the Seller is unwilling to correct.


I know I have had Buyers write on a few homes, secured it, did a complete inspection, then was not comfortable with either the issues, or worried the homeowner correcting the issues would not be done correctly (or to the Buyer's satisfaction).


After this happens a couple of times, and you start adding up all the inspection fees (inspection, sewer scope, well check and/or radon test), these fees can really add up.   BUT, so can the expenses when you forego an inspection.    I have always told my clients this is a small insurance policy to ensure the home is not a money pit once you close!


Some of my clients over the years have opted for no inspection, but will need this in writing, as I would NEVER recommend this.    It has to be the Buyers' comfort level, their house, their money!