So many times homeowners ask - should I replace the carpet, lay some tile, or update the kitchen and baths to get a better price?

If you spend $10K for carpet, most likely you will only see a value increase of $6k.   If that is all you need to do, it probably will help.    If your home needs a complete facelift, where do you stop?   Especially if you only see 60% of what you are spending?   Yes, new carpet will entice buyers, and will sell quicker.

Repairing issues throughout the home are important, as they will come up in an inspection, and a buyer will usually ask for either the issues to be repaired, or a concession amount for them to do it after closing.   If you have peeling & chipped paint on the exterior of the home, this will affect an FHA and VA loan appraisal, and should be done.  (Remember when painting outdoors, it should be around 50 degrees for at least 24 hours to dry.)

It also depends on your neighborhood - what is "normal".   Are the comparables in your neighborhood all remodeled with high-end kitchens and baths along with new flooring?   My answer will different then, you probably should do some remodeling.


It is not a "cut and dried" question, it depends on your property!   If you need more information, give me a call and we can discuss your options!   720-231-6373