Is traffic driving you crazy in town?   Have you thought about stepping away a bit, and contemplating a move to the Country?    Where all you can hear is the wildlife, and an occasional car?     Homes for sale on acreage within a short drive into the City are quite popular right now!   Are you looking for mountains views, city views, water views?



You don't have to move HOURS away from the City to get out of the Hustle & Bustle Denver has!    There are parcels of land one acre or more within 30 minutes of the City.   You can expect to pay $500K+ for a home on one acre or more depending on how far out you want to live.    I found a few for less than $500K today, but they are more than an hour, with the exception of a home in Elizabeth which was $350,000.    If you look deep into the mountains on dirt roads, you can find some deals, but winters could be an issue driving into town.


There are some custom homes on acreage, some acreage sold by itself, and some with tiny houses on them.    Here are some searches by counties if you are looking for a home on acreage within close proximity of Denver -

75 properties available in Adams County


107 properties available in Arapahoe County


Only ONE property in Denver County


213 properties available in Douglas County


110 properties available in Elbert County

222 properties available in Jefferson County

89 properties available in Weld County


Would you like to know more about rural properties?   About wells and septic systems?   I have sold many with these systems, and can guide you through a transaction with a home on acreage.


Give me a call - 720-231-6373 and you could be in your dream home by Thanksgiving!