RTD (The Regional Transportation District) has been working hard and long hours to finish light rail across our City.    The final touches are being complete on the "R" line which is located in the Eastern section of Denver (Aurora) and will connect with the A line to Denver International Airport.


Regional Transportation District

RTD is performing systems integrated testing on the first segment of the R Line evaluating the technical and performance requirements.  This includes measuring track clearances, testing train signals and testing the electrical and communication systems.


RTD will be running light rail trains under its own power to provide and verify the construction produces a safe a reliable rail line.    They test the train and traffic equipment at all crossings and intersections within the City of Aurora.   Residents of Aurora will begin to see trains running on the finished portions of the rail lines, which is a good sign.


"Safety is RTD's number one priority and we have an excellent safety record that we want to maintain as we prepare to open the line at the end of the year."  per RTD Project Manager Chuck Culig.  


The 10.5 mile Aurora R Line will extend light rail service from the current Nine Mile Station near I-225 and Parker Road to Peoria Station.    This line will open in late 2016 and will travel through major activity centers.  


For more information on any light rail line visit RTD's website.