Pull your Credit Report - Make Sure it is Accurate



I don't think it is the right timing to buy a home, I think we have a low credit score.


Why miss out on interest rates remaining below 5% --- pull your own credit through www.annualcreditreport.com and see where you are at.     This is a good idea once a year to check the accuracy of what is being reported on your credit.    Did someone hijack your credit card?   Did you pay off a car last year, and the credit company did not release this note?     All good stuff to look at when you are contemplating purchasing a home!   Maybe the house you sold (and paid off) a few years ago is still showing up on your credit report.    Make sure the sale was recorded.


Loan approved!

Identity theft is on the rise AGAIN, and it is always wise to take a peek at your credit once a year to be sure nothing fraudulent has been added to your credit report.    We have heard of many hacking stories where foreign individuals have gained access into a major company and attained credit information.     Be sure you were not one of those!


If your FICO score is lower than your lender would like to see, ask them what you could do to increase these scores to enable you to purchase a home now.     As interest rates rise, every .5% could put you into a lower priced home.   Act Today and get YOUR Loan Application approved!



** Courtesy post from a Denver Realtor - Joan Cox - Metro Brokers - House to Home, Inc.