Saying farewell to Summer is tough, but many enjoy the feel and smell of Fall.  The vibrant colors, the leaves, the pumpkins, pumpkin latte, and the sweater weather again.


Buying your pumpkins at the local grocery store or hardware store, why not go to a pumpkin patch and select your OWN pumpkin!    You can get a unique pumpkin perfect for the photo op, or a regular pumpkin to carve - whatever your heart desires!   


For a limited time only, the following areas will have not only pumpkins but decorating kits available while supplies last.    Find your perfect pumpkin to take home for free!   With Halloween around the corner, the City of Aurora wants to be sure everyone has a pumpkin to decorate.  Plan to arrive early, as again, supplies will be in short supply.


Do you want a pumpkin for the kiddos to carve, or maybe an adult to carve?  Or, do you want the pumpkins for Fall decor to bring color to your front porch?

Nothing quite spells "fall is here," like a pumpkin patch outing and these events will be held on four days from 3 to 5 pm at four different parks around town - 


~ POP-UP DAY ONE - October 7th - Moorhead Park -  2390 Havana St.


~ POP-UP DAY TWO - October 14th - Olympic Park - 15501 E. Yale Ave.


~ POP-UP DAY THREE - October 20th - Fletcher Plaza - 9800 E. Colfax Ave.


~ POP-UP DAY FOUR - October 21 - Appaloosa Park - 5575 S. DeGaulle St.


Are you needing carving ideas on what you want to the finished product to look like?    There are many sites out there that will give you some ideas for carving depending on your style.     80 best Pumpkin Carving Ideas


If you are out at one of these parks, and love a neighborhood -- give me a call would love to show homes!   Give me a call - Joan Cox - House to Home, Inc.  720-231-6373