NASA in Denver


NASA Study


Wondering why planes seem like they are flying low in the Denver metro area lately?     NASA is doing some research on Denver's brown cloud and the main study area extends along the Northern Front Range from the Denver metropolitan area in the south to Fort Collins in the north extending eastward from the mountains as far as Greeley.


By doing this research, these detailed observations of air pollution from the surface up into the atmosphere will help improve the capability of future satellites to monitor air quality around the world.    This project called DISCOVER-AQ will take place from July 16 to August 16, 2014.


Denver has been selected to measure ozone as this area contains a diverse mixture of air pollution sources that include transportation, power generation, oil and gas extraction, agriculture, natural vegetation and episodic wildfires.   When data is complete, these findings will be applied to other large cities across the Country.


For more on this NASA study, here is a link to the complete article.