There are times when you want to move in November/December, as a Buyer, there could be some deals out there, and you most often you don't have to compete with other buyers.   That means if you have to sell to buy, you have to list your home also.


This time of year homeowners need to scale down the Holiday decor, so the home can be shown, but still maintains a warm and cozy feel!    Turn the fireplace on during the showing, bake cookies to fill the air with sweet smells!   Real Christmas trees offer a wonderful scent in the home also.


If you have your home on the market, probably not the year to put out all the blow-up Christmas decorations outside in the year.   You want the buyers to find the sign in the yard.  Plus when they are laying on the ground flat, this is not the best look for a home on the market!


We do live in Denver, and there are times we see snow (OK, maybe not this year) and the driveway and sidewalks all need to be shoveled clear!   You don't want anyone to fall on the icy concrete!   The curb appeal is definitely important, especially with no leaves and no colorful flowers in our gardens.    Be sure all the leaves and dead plants are cleaned up, and no cob webs on the front door.   We all know not many use the front door, and sometimes this is an overlooked item, and has to be clean.  


If you have questions on how to proceed with listing your home, give me a call and visit my web site for more information for SELLERS.