We hear often, we don't want to list until the Spring, that is the BEST time of year to list.    Well, that comment would not be true if you need to find a replacement home.    Last Spring we had the lowest inventory we have seen in Denver, and saw some homes garnering 20+ offers and contingent offers were not flying.


Some homeowners that thought it was the best time to sell in the spring or early summer, sold, and moved into alternative housing until they found the right home, or were able to get 30 days rent-back after closing to find the replacement home.


In the Fall, there is typically more inventory, so if you have that stellar home, great location, and priced well, you will be the first to sell.   The market is not so robust and crazy, and you won't have to be out of your home for two or three days due to plentiful showings back to back.   You can find the replacement home without rushing and making decisions you later may come to regret.    It also is not so hot, where you have to run the A/C all weekend to keep the home cool.    You can bake cookies and create that warm and cozy feel!


Interest rates are still historically low, and buyers have the ability to buy more than years ago with their hard earned dollars.   If you have thought about selling, now be the time!