What is a House Style?

Some buyers have definite ideas of what their dream home looks like.    Some styles in Denver are not like other cities across the Country, so let's break down the different home styles we have in the Denver metro area -


Ranch - this is a home where everything is on one floor, sometimes with no stairs.   There could be a basement, and the laundry room could be in the basement in older homes.    There could be steps to the front door, and possibly into the garage, so something to check out.

This is the most popular style of home to all ages of buyers and will be the most expensive per square foot.



Two-Story - this is a home where the "living areas" are on the main floor - living room/family room, kitchen and dining room will usually be on the main floor.  There could be a bedroom/office on the main floor.  On occasion you will find the master bedroom on the main floor, but there are few of these.   Usually all bedrooms and laundry(in newer homes) are located on the upper floor.  Some older homes the laundry room will be on the main floor or in the basement of older homes.



Bi-Level - this is a home where you walk in the door and immediately decide to go up or go down.  There is a small landing at the front door.   Usually the kitchen, dining room, living room and a couple bedrooms will be on the upper floor.   In the lower level there will be a family room and one or two more bedrooms.



Tri-Level - this is a home you enter the home on the main level, and will find the kitchen, dining room and usually a living room, then you have to go up a few stairs to the bedrooms, and go down a few stairs into a family room, and could be another bedroom.    This style could be "side by side" or "front to back" tri-level.   


 This home is side to side

This tri-level is front to back


Multi-level - this is a home that is a tri-level with a basement.    So same as above, but there will be a basement.  From the lower level of a tri-level, you will go down another small flight of stairs into the basement.



In any of these homes, the bedrooms may not all be on one floor, one or more may be in a lower level.


If you have any questions about any of these styles of homes, give me a call - Joan Cox - 720-231-6373.