You are ready to list your home, you give your trusted REALTOR a call to come over to walk your home, and get more information on this process.    If you have listed a home, you most likely know what goes into preparing a home for the market.   If you have not listed a home before, put your seat belt on.    


There are some agents that basically take photos with their cell phone, upload to MLS and enter appropriate information, and put the sign in the ground.


That IS NOT what I do for my seller clients!    Before I arrive at your home, I will be in touch with an HOA (if there is one), order a report from title to know what the titlework will look like, and no objections there, and do a complete Comparable Market Report for this homeowner.   

After arriving at the home, a thorough walk-through is done including the exterior to be sure all types of loans can be offered to buyers.    I notate all the upgrades for both the MLS and for the appraiser.    The homeowner(s) and I will sit down and review the comparables, and I will share the values of homes in their area and together we will arrive at a sales price.   From there, I will offer advice on what items to repair/correct or even staging ideas that would help with setting a perfect setting for the photos.   

If a homeowner wants top dollar in a short amount of showing time, the home has to be CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN, and repair-free.    There are two types of buyers - one that wants to move in and have no instant projects, and the other buyer is one looking for a deal when a home has lots of deferred maintenance needed.  

I will call my trusted professional photographer to get the best photos done for the property to showcase its beauty!   Remember - the eye buys!   These photos will sell your home, and will bring buyers to your home to fall in love!

I advertise A LOT to ensure you get as many buyers as possible into your property!    I have many outlets where I post your listing to get eyes on it!   

Once the offer or OFFERS come in, I will review, and guide you through this process.   One situation I remember the most, was receiving 15 offers in two days, and my Seller getting completely overwhelmed, and not knowing which one should be chosen.     That is where my expertise comes in!    This time of year you most likely won't have this problem, but sure sweet when you do!

The inspection is the part of the contract that will make or break a transaction.   Inspectors are hired to find everything there could be wrong or MAY go wrong in the future.   It is best to have a very good working relationship with the Buyer's agent, and be able to work through the inspection painlessly.   (this is where getting all the repairs done prior to listing comes in handy!)

Next will be the appraisal, and ALWAYS the best idea to show up with the appraiser!    I will ask the homeowner for all the updates/upgrades that have been done since they have lived there, when these were done, and the approximate price they paid for the upgrade.    I also provide the appraiser with the comps I used to price the home.    They will also get value by knowing if there were multiple offers, and how soon after the home went on the market did offers start coming in.   This shows demand and also what buyers are willing to pay.

As you can see, putting a sign in the ground is minor, compared to all the other important duties I have as a listing agent!     Have you thought about listing your home?

Give me a call and let's discuss your options!