The only thing in life we can expect --- is CHANGE.   Boy has real estate changed over the years.   Before I started in this crazy business, I heard of agents having to run across town to pick up keys for access to the listings, as they were always in the listing agent's office.   (I would hope the listing agent was close, but of course they were always across town.)


How about years ago, everyone always worked for the Seller?   There was no such thing as Buyer Agency, everyone worked for the seller, buyers were on their own.  BOY, has that changed.   Now even the Contract to Buy and Sell is written for the Buyer.


Fax Sticky

What about writing up offers on NCR paper on the hood of your car?    You had to deliver them to the office of the listing agent, but then years went by and the fax machine helped with this, even though the copies were illegible after faxing a few times!  Remember those fax sitckys we had to fill out?   


Years ago, the real estate offices handled the showings, feedback, etc and the phones were very busy at the offices.   Today, many real estate agents have their showings going through a showing service where not only do we not have to call, but can set them up on the computer night or day.  Speaking of real estate offices, most do not have offices within the offices anymore, they work from home.  (or in the car or at Starbucks.)


Remember all the home magazines at the grocery store?    Very little is done now via print, most all advertising is done on the Internet.     I still put brochures in the homes, but have not outside in years.


In the mid-80's the listings were mostly foreclosures, as the economy in Denver was pretty bad.   Even through 2010, you could find lots of short sales and bank foreclosures.    Today there is .2% of the inventory that is distressed in Denver.


CTM Electronic signaturesToday we have wonderful electronic contracts called CTMecontracts, and doesn't matter where you are, you can sign on your smart phone, as long as you have service.    When you write an offer for a buyer, you can link to the listing agreement for the home, and will auto-populate the inclusions, legal description and seller info.  (Of course you have to check this for accuracy.)


Remember the old HUD forms you saw at closing? No longer, we now have a Closing Disclosure, which is "suppose" to be easier to read and understand.    Jury is still out on that one.    


Things have changed, and for the good, some of which makes our job easier, some adds to the chaos.  Here's to another decade of changes.

  Could not imagine doing anything else in life!