The stats are out for the month of December, and sales this time of year do slow down seasonally, and the stats support that.   As of mid-January, we are still experiencing low inventory (hovering around 1,500 on weekends), down 64.7% over one year ago. I have had potential Sellers who want to list and buy, but are fearful of not finding a replacement home, so they will stay put, or wait until they see more inventory.   But when they do list, they sure are seeing a great bottom line!   Multiple offers are still happening, just not at the same pace, as we saw earlier this year.



With only around 1,500 listings available on the weekends, we are seeing fewer price reductions each week also.   The inventory generally picks back up after the New Year.

This data is courtesy of Joan Cox - House to Home, Inc.


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Buyers - If you have thought about buying a home this year - NOW IS THE TIME!   The interest rate is unbelievable - hovering just above 3%.  You can buy more home than you could just 3 years ago.  Be sure to be pre-approved and know what your budget is!  Be prepared, many homeowners are asking for a 30 to 60-day rent-back to find a replacement home.


Sellers - My sellers are seeing a nice bottom line!    If you are thinking of selling but worried you won’t find a replacement home, I can enter into MLS the fact you require a contingency of a replacement home.    If you are thinking of listing first part of 2022, and want me to do a walk-through of your home, let me know.  I can make suggestions to either garner more on the sales price, or make it more desirable to buyers! 


Homeowners - if you have thought about selling and like like a home evaluation, please let me know, I will contact you right away.  Relocating to Denver, and need some advice - see my Relocating to Denver information.