How Buyers Label the Homes they View


When we take our buyers out to show homes, they seldom remember the name of the street, and come up with a name for the homes viewed.     Pretty sure Sellers would not want to know what the buyers name their home.  Here are some that I can remember quickly-





The Home with Awful Paint

The Pig Sty

The cluttered Home

The Home with no Back Yard

House Backing to Busy Street

The Smoker House

The Home Needing Updating

The Bachelor Pad

Too Many Kids House

The Home needing TLC

The Cat House


When I am on a listing appointment, I bring up anything that could become an issue, and tell them they want to remember your house as ---OUR HOME!   Buyers will do what is needed to get THAT house, rather than fix all the other things!    Or, the buyers will offer less with the thought they have to do some work to make it THEIR HOME.