There is a company based in Florida (MV REALTY) calling homeowners who have lived in their homes a long time.    They say - they will send a check (around $1500) to sign the documents.   Most homeowners have not signed listing agreements, and this company doesn't explain what they are signing.

It states you will be responsible for commissions if you (the homeowner) lists their home within the next FORTY years.   So, if you call your favorite and trusted Denver REALTOR to list your home, at closing you will owe TWO commissions - one to this Florida based company too.    After you sign these documents, they will file a lien against your home, and ensure they get paid.

The Attorney Generals in many Eastern states are working on filing lawsuits against this company right now.


You don't want to pay DOUBLE commissions, so please be careful if/when you get a call, and DO NOT cash their check or sign their documents.


Give me a call if you get this call, and we can talk about what you can do!