Sometimes the first home is a home that "worked", but wasn't exactly what you had been dreaming about.  Maybe you didn't have a whole lot of choices when you bought?   Maybe you were in too big of a rush to buy?

Have you been dreaming of a different setting you would like to enjoy?   I get a lot of calls and visitors on my web site that have been dreaming of acreage, so the next door neighbor won't be a few feet from you.  OR, their blasting music/dog barking doesn't bother you!    Maybe you want a place to store the jet skis or the crawler, or extra cars!    Maybe you want to raise chickens and goats?    Now might be the time.

Here is the link to homes on acreage by county.   You can change the price point within the search.


Maybe you have been dreaming of stellar mountain views?   The Rocky Mountains are stunning, and the sunsets are wonderful to end the day with.    Here are the homes for sale with mountain views.

Here are the homes with water and/or lake views.    We don't have a lot of water in Denver, but there are a few!


There are times, especially in the warm months, to enjoy a private backyard with friends and/or family and not have all the neighbors watching you.    That one, I will need to do some individual searches for, as there is no criteria for this.   Have to look at each of the listings to know what the backyard is like.


If there are other criteria you were thinking, just reach out, I will search until I find it!