Home Security -While it is Listed


When a Seller has made the decision to list their home, it is time to review security of the home.    Who will be coming through?     Are my things safe?    Do I need a safe for my jewelery?    Will the buyers go through the drawers?

Security of a listing 

In reviewing security at a listing presentation, I discuss putting away anything to do with your identity - credit cards, bank statements/credit card statements as well as jewelry and anything of value.   If there are guns in the home, they should be in a safe.   If there are prescribed drugs in the medicine cabinet, put them away too, or carry with you while listed.    If you have a family member or trusted friend, let them keep your valueables while home is on the market.  


Every agent that sets up a showing at a listing has been through a background check, finger printed, and they cannot have a felony in their history.     HOPEFULLY they know their buyers, and the buyers are viewing the home because they want to buy the home!   


It is always best if the Seller removes anything of value while for sale, but sometimes that is not always possible.