Today starts a New Year, and looking forward to seeing what the real estate market will be this year.    In June 2018 in most areas of Denver, saw a shift in the market.     No longer were we seeing multiple offers in hours.     Having a buyer in late November/December, we did see multiple offers in areas with low inventory.


Let's hope the real estate market is strong this year, and we still see first time buyers entering the market, allowing our move-up buyers to purchase their new homes.    The interest rates have increased from those days of 3.5%, but compared to 17%+ in years past, it is still a very good rate.  (rates are hovering around 5%)


If you have thought about moving, whether you are a buyer or seller, and you need advice, please give me a call.   I have 22 years of experience, and would love to be your source of information!